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A 10-page PDF Networking Guide that teaches you step by step and details the exact way to get in touch with as many professional football club coaches and recruitment staff as you would like, based on our team's personal experience. You will have 3 different strategies to directly contact academy directors, managers, coaches, and head of recruitments instead of emailing general inboxes of clubs, as they hardly read those. So why not improve your chances of getting a response by learning how to directly contact professional football clubs without going through their general email inboxes?


Using these strategies, players have been able to make connections with multiple professional club's academy directors, coaches, and scouts. All the strategies and techniques in the PDF guide are exactly what players use to directly get in touch with some of the best professional football clubs in the country, which you can see on the "Results" page.


You will receive a downloadable link for this PDF in the "Thank You Page" after checkout has been completed, as well as an emailed link.

Networking Guide

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